If you're in need of a good lawyer definitely contact Gabriel Law! The staff is professional and personal. And Mr. Gabriel prepped me for my case and took an interest being most lawyers I've met.

Without Suren Gabriel I don't where I'd be! I hurt my back at work and they got me a settlement that helped my family pay bills until I was able to get back to work.

Gabriel Law are the best! They aren't your regular ambulance chasers. Suren was professional and personable. And made me feel like I was actually getting justice!

Suren Gabriel and his staff were very helpful in my time of need. He even visited me in the hospital after my settlement!

I was recently injured in a car accident. Gabriel legal helped me get my Medical bills paid and a lot more! Definitely recommended.

I just received my settlement from a "slip and fall" case a few months ago today and I'm so happy about it. Gabriel legal was able to work around the insurance company's constant delaying tactics and I got my settlement way quicker than I would have with anybody else.

As much as your taught not to trust lawyers suren Gabriel is way different. He worked hard for me and my wife and was honest with us every step of the way. I really feel like justice was served.

Suren Gabriel is truly an amazing lawyer! I appreciate his effort so much, I feel like he worked day and night at some points during my case.

Despite having a very complicated case with multiple defendants (my ex-employer and the landlord of the office building) suren Gabriel and his team were able to get me compensated way more than I thought they would! I got reimbursed for medical bills and extra.

Without Gabriel legal on my side I don't think i would have gotten my case won. And I REALLY mean that! My daughter developed a lung issue after a gas leak in our building. Suren Gabriel and his staff worked tirelessly and now my daughters health concerns are taken care of, at least financially fot her entire future. He really saved us in a terrible time for my family. Much appreciated.

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