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If you have been in a Car Accident, the first few moments are some of the most important, and can often make or break not just a case, but can have a drastic effect on your health and even your life. First and foremost, its vital that you do not panic, and always remember that your health and wellness come first, above all else.

What to Do Initially?
Take a few moments to assess what just happened and the severity of the accident. Did you roll your car several times? Was it just a fender bender? In addition, you want to understand the degree to which you might be injured, and if you are in a vulnerable position, in which you might be subject to further damage or danger. Are you in stuck in the middle of a busy highway with low visibility? Are you trapped in a vehicle, as gas may be leaking out onto the ground? Once you have a grasp on those vital details, you can now breathe a sigh of relief and move forward with the legal and logistical issues of a car accident. Once you get into an accident, your insurer likely requires you to report the accident soon after it happens, often within 30 days. And one of the most important things to reporting the accident to any insurance company, and for legal purposes if you choose to pursue a personal injury lawsuit later on is a police report. The fact is that no one is going to just take your word for it, and rarely will the other party simply bow down and admit to how much they drank and how reckless they might have been driving. The best thing you can do for yourself is to stay as silent as possible, don’t say SORRY, don’t admit fault of any kind, and simply contact the police and try to gather as many individuals in the area, or in other vehicles to act as witnesses as possible to corroborate your detail of events.

When it comes to filing claims (which is different from reporting an accident) your provider might not give a time limit, or it might set specific limits for types of coverage.

After an accident has happened, here are some tips to improve your situation:

  • Exchange insurance information with the other driver and take pictures of the scene.
  • Record the names, addresses and other pertinent information from the other driver
  • Get medical treatment for any serious and minor injuries.
  • Review your insurance policy and make a list of questions but do not admit fault or discuss your case in depth with your insurance company.
  • Speak with an experienced attorney about your rights.

Filing Your Car Accident Claim
Once you take care of the initial logistics of a car accident, its important o speal to an attorney as soon as possible. Outline each and every detail of the accident to them, give them any and all information collected at the scene, provide them with the police report, and any other relevant information or paperwork, you might have gotten from the ambulance or emergency room doctor. Upon leaving your consultation, you will have an idea of whether or not you have a case worth pursing or not, and at this point it is vital to follow everything your lawyer says. In addition, be careful about your health, whether you sustained any severe injuries immediately or not – the fact is that it isn’t unheard of for injures to present themselves days or even weeks later – and in such a case, you deserve to be compensated. While there is a statute of limitations of a few years to file your auto accident case in NYS, its vital you do it sooner, as it will be fresher on people’s minds, and you are still in the midst of dealing with injuries and damages. Your attorney is there to assist you with any questions or concerns, so use them as much as you can.

Gabriel Law Firm is Here to Help You Get the Justice You Deserve!
If you have been involved in a car or other motor vehicle accident in and around the New York area, the 5 boroughs, or Long Island, it is imperative you contact an experienced attorney, like Suren Gabriel Esq. and his team at Gabriel Law Firm, as soon as possible. For more information on car accident claims, and all manner of personal injury, be sure to contact us at (212) 463-8888, and schedule your 100% FREE, no obligation, consultation now!

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