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Back to School Safety Tips for You and your Family

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Back to School Safety Tips for You and your Family

The new school year is upon us and students are heading back to the classroom, have your son and or daughter prepared with some back-to-school safety rules.

How long has it been since your son or daughter has been in a classroom?
With the Fall season coming up, and the return of in-person learning approaches. There are many things to look forward to. Teachers are beginning to set up their classrooms for the return of their students, and parents are beginning to shop for school clothes and supplies.

As we have seen over the past year, in-person learning matters for our children. For in-person learning to continue, parents need to be aware of important safety tips, to protect their children. All to ensure that we can go back to some normalcy this fall season.

Practicing School Bus Safety
One of the most dangerous situations your child can find themselves in is getting on and off of their school bus. While most schools have bus drills to teach your child, it’s been over a year for in-person learning. Whether or not you are driving your child to school or driving them to their bus stop, you should continually use caution around these vehicles. Some of the most helpful steps one can take when traveling around school buses are:

  • Cautiously approach a bus when it is at a complete stop, and their stop sign is flipped out.
  • Drive with care when in a school zone as children can be walking around either entering or leaving the school building.
  • If a school bus’s lights begin to flash that usually means they are beginning to slow down to either drop-off or pick up children. Approach with caution and make a complete stop once a stop sign is visible.

Safety tips for students to follow
Returning students should have a refresher when it comes to safety around school buses. Some of these tips include:

  • Arrive early so you don’t have to worry about missing the bus.
  • Stand on the sidewalk where the bus driver can see you, never stand in the street.
  • While at the bus stop, limit distractions that could have you end up in the street.
  • Never accept a ride from a stranger you meet at or near a bus stop.
  • When the bus is approaching, wait for a complete stop before entering.

What are steps my child can take to reduce COVID-19 exposure?
We all want a smooth and safe transition for our children as they head back to school this fall season. That is why The New York City Department of Education has provided some important steps to reduce exposure to COVID-19. Some of these steps include:

  • Avoid coming in close contact with others and shaking hands
  • Wash hands regularly with both soap and water
  • If possible drive your child to school and avoid the school bus
  • Wear a face covering
  • Do Not hesitate to Speak with an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer
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