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If you have been injured in a construction accident or other related accidents at a construction site, you are well aware that many problems can come as a result for you and your family.

Besides the lost income and week to week financial struggles, you may have medical bills to pay physical pain to deal with and family issues as a result of the accident. Many think that workers compensation is the only way to collect for their damages, however many are eligible for personal injury compensation as well.

Don’t Let Work Site Negligence Ruin Your Financial Future!
At Gabriel Law Firm, we understand the hardship that one can face at a time like this. Our firm is not a “mill” that’s constantly churning out cases left and right, or taking on a caseload that we can’t handle, simply looking to settle whatever we can with minimal effort and expenses. The team at Gabriel Legal is meticulous and detail oriented, putting our all into each and every case we have on our docket! If we take on a case, it is because we believe in it – this means that we put in the necessary effort and invest the time, and finances needed to help our clients obtain justice, as well as the highest possible compensatory damages available to them!

Workers Compensation May an Option for You!
When it comes to construction site accidents or work-related injuries, it’s important to understand that such claims are often quite different from conventional personal injury cases. For one thing, you are generally fairly close to the person(s) or entity which you might have to file suit against, as they will like have been your employer or supervisor for a time. While this might make things a bit more awkward, especially if you are close to the owners of the company, it’s important to understand that you must do what’s best for you, your future, and your loved ones – this might mean making some tough decisions.

Are You a Part of a Union?
Another fairly important issue to understand is that when it comes to getting injured at work, worker’ comp or workers compensation may often apply here, and cover some or all of your expenses. However, your attorney will further fill you in on such information as these situations are often specific to an individual case-by-case basis. In addition to workers comp, some individuals or workers might be a part of a union, in such an instance, they might have an attorney for you, or have certain policies, and assistive programs put into place in order to address such issues on the worksite. If you are part of a union and suffer an on-the-job injury, it is important to consult your union leader or steward on any advice or means of proceeding they might be able to offer you as well. As unions can be a huge advantage during such cases. However, its important to consult your attorney on all of this beforehand, as they might give you special insights based on the specific details of your case. For more information on construction accidents, or to file a case of your own, be sure to schedule your free consultation today – please contact us at (212) 463-8888.

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