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How Does a Personal Injury Case Work

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How Does a Personal Injury Case Work

It’s common to be confused about a personal injury case and question how the process should be going, and it’s crucial to be aware of the process to ensure you are taking the right steps. You are probably wondering, “What are my options, and is it even worth looking into?”

Though every case is different, you should let an expert personal injury lawyer look into your case. Why? Because most law firms offer free consultations with no charge to you – so why not take the consultation.

Understanding the components of your personal injury case is extremely valuable.

Steps To Take in A Personal Injury Case

Initial Consultation
When you call the attorney’s office, you will schedule your free consultation with a legal assistant. After that, you will receive a date for an appointment to go over your potential case in detail with an attorney face to face. As we mentioned before, this consultation will be free of charge to you.

During the consultation, you will be asked questions about the details of the accident and the extent of your injuries. Based on the information you provide in regards to the accident, the lawyer may ask a series of follow-up questions. It is also good to mention that you will be asked to provide medical records and if you have access to a police report – if in fact police showed up at the scene of the accident.

Once the details of the accident are explained, the lawyer will go over the best possible route for you to take and the compensation that can be made available to you.

If you and your family decide to pursue and go further with your personal injury case and the initial consultation goes well, you and your lawyer will begin filling out legal documents. Your newly established lawyer will file a complaint against the individual along with all other forms and documents. The party you will be suing will be listed as the defendant and you as the plaintiff. Next up is the discovery phase to understand the details and evidence on each side.

Once the other party is aware that there is now a lawsuit out against them, both parties now enter the discovery phase. Each legal team will look to exchange evidence and legal documents that they believe help their clients.
During the discovery phase, depositions can take place. A deposition is where an attorney can receive a sworn testimony from someone. These testimonies do not have to be before a judge inside the courtroom. The person who is being deposed can either be the defendant or a key eye witness of the accident.

Mediation and Negotiation
As the discovery period ends, both parties’ lawyers will usually look to meet up and discuss settlement. Lawyers will generally get an understanding of the case’s strength once the discovery phase has come to an end.
What can happen if both parties’ lawyers still can’t reach an agreement? Mediation can take place between both parties and a third-party mediator. The neutral mediator sits down with both sides to discuss a possible solution and settlement.

Now let’s say both parties can’t come together with a settlement that works for both sides and even failed in mediation. The next step is to go to trial. Even though most personal injury cases are taken care of through settlements, trial is still a possibility that can happen in certain cases.

Get help today with an experienced attorney like the ones here at The Gabriel Law Firm. We will sit with you and your family and be by your side throughout the entire process 24/7.

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