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Lost Income includes all wages and other earnings lost as a result of the accident, starting from the day of your injury, through the present day and for as long as you may be unable to work.

The first step if you are unable to work because of an injury is to contact a lawyer. Lucky for you, we have some great attorney’s right here on Long Island. The Gabriel Law Firm takes clients in Nassau County, Manhattan and all five boroughs. In order to verify lost income, you should provide a letter from your employer detailing your normal pay rate, the hours you lost, and the total amount of compensation you lost by not being able to work due to your injury.

Your employer can also verify lost opportunities for overtime, as well as any vacation time or sick leave you had to use because of your injury. A victim of an accident is entitled to reimbursement for any lost income as a result of the accident. It is irrelevant whether you have a full time or a part time job, regular or occasional employment. For more information on all types of damages, and to file your own personal injury claim, be sure to contact Gabriel Legal today.

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