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Matthew Sledzinski, Esq.


Matthew Sledzinski is an attorney for Law Offices of Gabriel & Moroff, P.C. and Of Counsel to the Gabriel Law Firm P.C..

Mathew Sledzinski is an associate attorney primarily working in the firm’s No-Fault Department and practices litigation and arbitration. He went to the University of Maryland for his undergraduate degree and St. John’s University for Law School. Mr. Sledzinski handles a wide array of responsibilities including Arbitration/Court appearances, motion researching & drafting, examinations under oath, and overseeing the firm’s Verification intake/response department among others. He also has handled appeals in the Appellate Terms and Divisions and Master Arbitrations in various arbitration forums. Prior to joining Gabriel and Moroff, his time at two high-volume firms gave him experience arguing motions and conducting trials in all five New York City civil courts as well as various arbitration forums. It is the unique experience of having worked on both the Plaintiff and Defense sides of No-Fault that allows Mr. Sledzinski to effectively handle and maximize the value of each case he handles.

  • Colleges: Undergraduate- The University of Maryland BS in Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Law School- St. John’s University School of Law with a JS in Law.
  • Accomplishments- Executive Affairs Editor of Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Publication, Member of Dispute Resolution Society

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