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Natalie Gulik.


The development of my career interest in law has been a long and gradual process. It started when social science and government studies were introduced into my middle school curriculum. Planted in the context of political, economic, and social unrest, this interest has slowly grown into the realization that my lifetime career should be dedicated to building and guarding this vital governmental institution.

During my first year of Law School, I was selected to be a legal assistant at the Russian Federal Prosecutor’s Office, a position I held for four years until my promotion to the Public Prosecutor.

When I came to the United States, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to continue practicing law. Like the beginning of my career, I concluded that there was no better way to understand this new professional environment other than through education and hands-on experience, and I obtained a Masters of Law degree at Brooklyn Law School.

The lessons from my experience led me to set my standard for a real law professional. Adherence to ethics and moral values as well as observing firm principles of judicial practice are all vital components of Gabriel Law.

I am fortunate to work at Gabriel Law Firm, P.C., a law firm filled with highly qualified professionals

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