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Patrick Garvey received his Bachelor’s Degree in Law at American University and then his Master’s in Law at Touro Law School. He also studied law in England and The Netherlands through the Comparative Justice Institute. He studied Law and Human Rights Issues in China and also received a scholarship to study law in England and the Netherlands for his Master’s Degree in Law.

My. Garvey is an accomplished attorney who handles personal injury cases including slip and fall, labor law, and motor vehicle accidents. He pursued law because he said “ I have a passion for helping others, especially those who have nowhere else to turn”. He has previously worked for 5 different firms in New York including Baker, Greenspan, and Bernstein, DeSena and Sweeney, Peter M. Zirbes and Associates, Law Office of Robert Macchia & Associates as well as the Law Offices of Richard M. Sheridan. Some of his accomplishments include gaining a scholarship to study law in England and The Netherlands and receiving a grant to conduct an empirical study concerning the homeless problem.Another one of his unique experiences is that he worked in the White House for Legislative Affairs and Presidential Personnel in Washington, D.C. during 1995 and 1996.

Some of my accomplishments include receiving a grant to conduct an empirical study concerning the homeless problem and having articles published in law journals including an article that dealt with The Digital Millennium Copyright Act. I have been given numerous awards such as American Biographical Institute’s Order of International Merit in 2008, American Biographical Institute’s Man of the Year from 2008 – 2009, and Professor of Law at Briarcliffe College from 2007-2008. Another accomplishment of mine is my 2008 publication in the Strathmore Who’s Who, the 2010 Covington’s Who’s Who, and the inventor of a patent drinking apparatus in 2009. Lastly, I received The Nathan Burkan Memorial Award for Intellectual Property article American Society of Composers and Publishers Award (ASCAP), The New York State Bar Association Business Law Journal Award, and the publication of an article in the New York Business Law Journal Award.


Insurance law
Personal Injury Law


bachelor’s degree american university
master’s degree touro university
studied human rights from china
master’s degree england &netherland on scholaship


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