Slip And Fall

When an injury occurs on someone else’s property, in NY the laws of premise liability governs who is the responsible and where you will pursue compensation. Generally, slip and falls are caused by a dangerous or hazardous condition and the laws of premise liability go into effect. Personal injury cases are based on the concept called negligence and premise liability cases are no exception.

Constantly there are thousands of cases where men, women and children are injured because of a slip and fall accident. Even though many times property owners are not responsible in every, but they will be responsible for keeping up their property and maintaining the grounds.If an injured party can show that a property owner was negligent in maintaining their premises and a dangerous condition caused the injured parties in undue harm, you may have a valid claim.

The following parties may be responsible in a slip and fall case:
a. Homeowners
b. Commercial Property Owners
c. Lesses of a Commercial Propertices
d. Municipalities
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